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Century Series Industrial Control Transformers Catalogue


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Transformer Disconnects Catalogue

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Looking for more products? We have you covered!

Here, at Dongan we have some of the greatest experts in transformer design and we can talk about your specific needs. Together we can create for you an amazing new product!

Creating something new, just for your needs

Maybe it is as simple as wanting our enclosure to match your equipment colour scheme.

Competitive prices for custom product creation

We know that transformers are not at the forefront of your design. Many times it comes down to the price and we are competitive. There is no premium on our designs.

As always, high quality is a top priority

Low price is great but not when you sacrifice quality. We guarantee the quality of our products.

So, are you wondering what can we customize? Anything you want.

Special voltage, multiple input and output voltages, any power rating, any winding type, any safety agency rating, dimensions to customer’s requirements, with or without enclosure, varied IP ratings such as IP00, IP01, IP11, IP23, IP44, IP56 and IP65 and we can also customize the paint the match the customers colour scheme.