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General Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

How do I purchase your products?

Orders can be sent directly to email We accept all major credit cards or wire transfers are also a valid payment for us.

Do you have any technical overview of transformers?

Yes. Please find more bellow:

How do I contact your team ?

Through email and Or by telephone at +31.548.659.031

Where are your offices located?

The Netherlands, Shanghai, Ohio and Detroit USA.

How long to get a quote?

We like to turn around our quoted in 24 hours. Some that are more complicated require a little more time.

Are your products made in China as good as made in the USA?

Yes. They are designed by our engineers and every transformer is thoroughly tested before it leaves any factory anywhere in the world.

Request a Call Back

Do you need a fast response from our support team? Looking for expert assistance in service support or have a sales request?

Call +31.548.659.031